A Fun and Easy Way To Learn Catholic Vocabulary and Bible Lessons!
It's A Printable Catholic Bingo Game!

It plays like a normal bingo game, except that instead of calling out numbers, you ask questions

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Catholic Bingo comes in three different sets:

  • Easy Set has over 70 unique questions and 25 unique (no duplicates!) bingo cards (red)
  • Medium Set has over 70 unique questions and 25 unique (no duplicates!) bingo cards (gray)
  • Hard Set has over 70 unique questions and 25 unique (no duplicates!) cards (blue)

Some example questions from the sets are:

  • EASY – Name the fourth commandment (Honor your father and your mother)
  • MEDIUM – What Sunday is the Passion read? (Palm)
  • HARD – What is the name of the box that holds the Holy Oils? (Ambry)

Catholic Bingo is great fun with a healthy dose of Roman Catholic trivia to keep you on your toes.


Not just any Bingo game.

There are many ways you can enjoy the game, according to the level and age of players. The questions come in three sets; easy, medium and hard, so you can make the game session as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. The Easy game set is ideal for First Holy Communicants and the Medium game set is ideal for Confirmation and RICA classes. The Hard game set leans more towards adults or those in advanced studies.

Also, when you buy Catholic Bingo, you’ll automatically receive by e-mail any future updates or revisions for FREE.

Catholic Bingo supports Catholic charities.

Because this game came from the concept of giving (read the story of its creation here), when you buy Catholic Bingo, you’ll also be contributing to charitable causes. Twenty percent of all profits generated by Catholic Bingo will go to the Marian Helpers and the Retirement Fund for Religious. After all, it’s just fair that we contribute at least a little to those who contribute or who have contributed a lot throughout their lives. Thanks to all of you - over $200 has been donated so far!

Here’s how to get Catholic Bingo

To get Catholic Bingo, simply download it from our site by clicking in the link below. Payments are done through the PayPal system. You don’t need a PayPal account to make your payment, as PayPal accepts all major credit cards. If PayPal is not an option for you and you must pay by check, please contact me.

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